“Always look on the bright side of life” -Monty Python Advertisements

People who are emotionally unstable need to be reminded they are loved and cared for. Completely cutting someone out of your life who is in a crisis only does more harm to them than they have already endured. It hurts. Doesn’t help.

It’s time to start over.  Move forward because holding onto the past isn’t getting anywhere.

I just needed someone like you to believe in me and to believe in, too.

Let’s stop hurting each other. Let’s stop giving up on each other. Let us show that we care and that we are examples of love. Let’s listen to try to understand or see from another perspective. Let us talk not to be right but to speak of compassion.

I hear you. I see you. I value you. I will not silence you. I will not turn my back on you. I will not treat you as if you are insignificant. I hold you. I uplift you. I pick you up when you fall down. I let you cry and I dry your tears. […]

I just realized I’m not in that dark place anymore There is light around If I can focus on it I can see it more clearly.