Monthly Archives: September 2004

Trust is lost

Trust is lost. At battle with my own inadequacies, seeing no other way than where I stand. I stand solely in front and in short distance of my own contradictions. Trust is lost. I’ve lost all trust in you. The war within, I face, consistently remains indomitable. Trust in you is gone. Show me resolution. […]


Your actions confuse me. Your appearance holds me captive, takes me prisoner. And the 24 products from affection are only a fraction of the remembrance. But the remembrance fractions stand in one thought surrounded by many sore memories, once described by utter passion. And you with your actions that speak of lust and seduction. And […]

Mom, I didn’t tell the neighbors.

This is a story about domestic violence. It’s a about when I was very young and experienced domestic violence for the second time. I was too young to understand or do anything about it. I wrote this when I was 15 and It’s a clear example of survivor’s guilt. As an adult now, I realize what happened wasn’t my fault.

My heart was made for you to take

My heart was made for you to take. So, take it away and hold it close to your own. Mine beating near yours, irregular in pattern; skipping beats. The valves removed from their vessel; disconnected from veins and tendons. The arteries no longer regulate the flow of my crimson mortal fluid. Mine once beating vibrantly […]