Monthly Archives: October 2004


Do you realize what you have done? Can’t you see what you’re doing to me? You’re the poison injected into my veins, running through my bloodstream. Your devious deceit forces decomposition to come over me. I excuse your contradictions and ponder about the possibilities. I wonder what you’re thinking. Although, I probably don’t want to […]

The Truth

I can feel the truth clawing its way out. I try to shove it down, cover it up, to keep this illusion; this fairy tale secret. I lie to myself so I won’t believe the truth. I lie to myself so that I won’t remember. I try to forget. I’m making myself believe I never […]

Music allows you to…

“Music allows you to confront complex emotions and relieve them.” – Johnathan Stone

Angelic One

Bearer of hope who brings placidity, who carries my wounds on their translucent back. I wait for your long return. I wait for you to come back and show me visions of what is to come. Bestow upon me alleviation or stoicism. Show me visions of what will become if I choose a path of […]