Monthly Archives: February 2005

Living in Silence Hurts

Time is going by so slow now, now that I’m on my own, now that I’m all alone. I used to never want the days to end. Now I’m praying for them to end, waiting every second in silence. I hadn’t cried for weeks, but last night I finally allowed myself to think and cry […]

The Girl Next Door That Got Away Part 1

Patiently, nervously, I wait for the possibility that you will show up straight out of nowhere. I go outside my shell in the grim and stand in the last place I saw you. I’ve taken up a cancerous addiction that robs me of the purity of oxygen just to have the taste I adversely miss. […]

Lessons in life

The only way to be truly happy is to be completely content within yourself and not rely on others for comfort. Instead of being at war with myself, I will make peace with the destructive side and combine all creative aspects of me. I will work on completing myself in solitude. Many of my feelings […]

Release Me.

Please take your grip off of me. Give me back what I gave to you. Release me from your hold. Release me from your hold. Lessen the pressure. Release me from your hold. Please release me. Forget what was told. Please take your grip off of me. It’s too tight. It’s suffocation. I need to […]