There’s a hunger in me that grows

Just to hold your hand would be the greatest achievement. I forgot to mention but might I say that outfit accentuated those curves of yours very nicely. My suppressed eyes just might wander your direction fully this time to get your notice. My concealment will be defied and I hope to get the reaction I desire. It’s highly doubted that you’ll be hit with total surprise. My efforts to disguise aren’t all that convincing. The comments I make become more revealing, but I must compliment that which appeals to me and you just so happen to attract my senses.

May I have a little talk with you? I won’t say much.

Let me reveal how I feel and I’ll act slowly and softly. Take my hand in yours and I’ll make the moves needed. Gently, may I move your eyes toward me? Set your ears lightly for you to hear and with stillness, take my lips upon you. Taste of which richness first denied. Melt with me spiritually in an instant, an instance time. Move your lips against mine. Melodically, rhythmically, let us unite.


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