Monthly Archives: May 2005

Dancing On The Flames

Until my lips burn, the ashes dance on the flames. My lungs take in the toxins as my blood begins to rush. I find myself in a dizzy spell and I, too, begin to dance on the flames. Fever fills my veins. I become nauseous in a trance state. It’s not a necessity, just a […]

Return to me

Return to me. I’d give anything. Come back is all I ask.  I’d give anything. Rehabilitate my limbs. Awaken the vacant spot held tightly within. As many times before, replenish my thirst. This dehydration you’ve given is sawing at my cranium. I am numb with this void. Allow me to see inside your armor suit. […]

Stream of Consciousness

I walk these paths almost on a nightly basis. Something draws me here; something I’m not quite sure of. I need change in this scenery. I watch the light die, burn slow. A harmony twists through me, disperses into the sky, and takes me away. The themes converge. I shiver as a collapse affiliates. An […]

Continual Dilemma

I take comfort in this euphoric paranoia. I take comfort in the night sky. The night is lonely and comforting; strangely horrifying. We humans are raided with filth, stupidity, ignorance. We are filthy creatures. So paranoid. Failing to learn the lessons that are so simple. Contradicting like most everything in this decaying earth of a […]