Monthly Archives: August 2005

These Walls

The other day I saw a pervert. It was disgusting. Alarm the untouched ones, molestation is burned into these walls. Every direction I look is another bad memory. I don’t even feel safe in my own home. Abuse. Abuse. My house holds the secrets of abuse, words that destroy, fists that harm, the tension of […]

Old Wounds

You’ve reopened old wounds with only the coiling of your serpent tongue. You beast of a son. The chilling smirk on your face restates what I have no strength to stand to remember. Pervert shooting glances. In this house secretive movements and the knowledge locked within these walls. In this house, intruding hands when eyes […]

A love so lost

Why is it that the sentiments have refused to shine? What caused their sudden fade, decline? When all that was lost is all that was wanted, is all that is lost and hope fails when you lose that connection. The sanctuary crumbles and meaning has no forgiveness. Eyes carried in eyes revealing such a touch […]


Realization warns me that soon I will have to leave with my soul left to bleed. The disappearance of you appearing, the absence of your lively essence is my chosen wrath. I must choose this path.