Monthly Archives: April 2017

Refuse to Repeat

I refuse to repeat these past patterns of abuse. Figure out what the fuck you are doing before you make your next move. Less is more. Say less. Do more.   Advertisements

I hope goodbye is not forever.

Goodbye. If only it were that simple, my dear friends. My darkest moments are enough to scare anyone away. Not everyone can be on this path with me. It is one of self discovery and healing. There are many who’ve already gone and others who I do not want to burden. I love you so […]

There and Never

…come together united… …collided… separated… I miss you. I know you do. Do you miss me, too? I miss the idea of you…


You swayed me with your smooth words, enchanting charm, and plans to be with you; to connect intimately. Then you chose another and soon you became a ghost while I became a faded, forgotten memory. The memory of you lingered. I found your ghost and contacted it despite my better judgment. You spoke to me […]