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Think Better Thoughts

Think better thoughts. Let those become your reality. Advertisements


Singing makes me happy.

Why? (Raped, Beaten, Scarred, Abandoned)

When I was 2 years old, I learned a father can hurt a son so terribly and leave a scar so deep, so wide. 26 years can go by and it not fade even a little. The physical pain, no matter how it burned or left its mark. It does not compare to the emotional scars left behind […]

Hands. Live. Love. Hurt. End.

When those hands wrapped tight around my neck, I felt the pressure crushing down on my larynx and I heard a popping sound. I couldn’t  breathe, it was difficult to move my body, I felt the end was near. What was it that motivated me to gather enough strength to survive? Why did I struggle […]

I will.

I must accept. I must become at peace. I must let it go. I must counteract all these negative thoughts I have. I must create a good life. I must learn to love myself completely. I must take care of myself. I must not give up on life, on myself. I must keep going. I […]

When I emerge, it will be magnificent.

Not ready to emerge. When I do, it will be magnificent.

Common Theme

What I’ve learned from it all is you end up on your own…When those you reach to hold onto let you go. When those you show up for leave you alone. Through it all you are strong enough to survive. It’s lonely and hard to endure sometimes yet you make it by alright.