I’ve called out your name, grabbing my chest, and I’ve wept aloud “Jess, I’m so sorry.” I’ve shown you the worst and all I want to do is show you the best. Jess, I’m so sorry about the mess I made of things. Bet you don’t even think of me, yet I’ve fallen to my knees, listening to the lyrics “Set me free”. Now I can’t let you go, but I never wanted you to feel caged, only wanted to lift you up so you could spread your wings. I knew that you could go far once you began flying.

Still I weep for Jess and I can’t sleep. I fucked up and I’m sorry. I have no shame to beg for forgiveness. I don’t care if I seem desperate. Jess, you were my best friend. You were an inspiration. You gave me laughter, smiles, and connection. Jess, I’m so sorry. What can I do? I never wanted to give up on you. Jess, all I hear is silence. Could you ever forgive me like I’ve forgiven you?


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