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I’ve called out your name, grabbing my chest, and I’ve wept aloud “Jess, I’m so sorry.” I’ve shown you the worst and all I want to do is show you the best. Jess, I’m so sorry about the mess I made of things. Bet you don’t even think of me, yet I’ve fallen to my knees, listening […]


I broke down just a moment ago… so much pain. I feel it in my chest…. heaviness….shattering from the weight. 

Common Theme

What I’ve learned from it all is you end up on your own…When those you reach to hold onto let you go. When those you show up for leave you alone. Through it all you are strong enough to survive. It’s lonely and hard to endure sometimes yet you make it by alright.

Starting Over

Starting over means letting go. Letting go means accepting what has happened, being at peace with what is, not being held back by what was, moving forward to what can be, leaving the past behind taking in its place what has been learned, the meaning of having gone through it, the benefits of its absence, […]

Refuse to Repeat

I refuse to repeat these past patterns of abuse. Figure out what the fuck you are doing before you make your next move. Less is more. Say less. Do more.  

There and Never

…come together united… …collided… separated… I miss you. I know you do. Do you miss me, too? I miss the idea of you…


You swayed me with your smooth words, enchanting charm, and plans to be with you; to connect intimately. Then you chose another and soon you became a ghost while I became a faded, forgotten memory. The memory of you lingered. I found your ghost and contacted it despite my better judgment. You spoke to me […]