“The Show Must Go On” -Queen Advertisements

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody” – unknown

At this point, my mental illness has driven all my friends away. There is no one to show me love. I’m feeling tremendous guilt. Like no one deserves a mess like me and maybe I am undeserving of the love I need to flourish. At this point, I am shutting down. This blog, my only […]

I’ve called out your name, grabbing my chest, and I’ve wept aloud “Jess, I’m so sorry.” I’ve shown you the worst and all I want to do is show you the best. Jess, I’m so sorry about the mess I made of things. Bet you don’t even think of me, yet I’ve fallen to my knees, listening […]

and it’s not really my choice. It’s just something I have to do and it hurts so much. It’s excruciating.

Just breathe, believe it will be alright, and get some good rest tonight.

Do what you gotta do with what you got.